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My professional background

   I started my healthcare career as a nurse in an urban hospital. After 12 rewarding years of bedside nursing I wanted to help a broader range of people, so I earned my Family Nurse Practitioner and MSN at Washington State University. With this professional training I began 16 years of service as a Primary Care Provider, treating medical and mental health conditions. During this period I attended University of Portland, and earned the Doctor of Nursing degree with a focus on the diseases of dementia and evidence-based translational research.


   When NYC hit "COVID Ground Zero" and, hence, a plea for clinicians, I packed my bags and went on a one-way ticket. Working on the COVID frontlines for 18 months helped me to recognize the prevalence and disability of mental health disorders and the severe shortage of access to a psychiatric nurse practitioner or psychiatrist.

   Nurse practitioners are trained to recognize and improve access to care gaps, so, I entered Frontier Nursing University to earn my Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.


   This background in training defines a "dual certified practitioner", meaning I have expertise and professional board certification to treat both medical and mental health conditions. 


~ Cassandra Stell

My Approach
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